Obedience is protection & protection is obedience

Use your protection drive in obedience & use your obidience in protection

One of the biggest problems in the IGP sport as I see it, is that the dog handlers around the world is not very good at making, a useable drive in obedience, which show in a slow and boring program, as a spectator. Let’s chance this!!!

Obedience is direct reward, that means protection is indirect reward. =) We all know in the IGP sport that controlling the dog, in protection can be a big problem for many handlers, because the dog are getter’s better and better, witch also show in the dogs ability to make drive. Is is always fun to have a dog with lots of drive in the beginning, but as time goes, the high drive that we made in the dog, is very fast a problem for our routine program. In the beginning of the education of the puppy, we always focus on the dogs drive, because we don’t want to miss this in the future, also because nobody wants to be missing the drive in a IGP dog, we always say that it is better to have TO MUCH then to little…! So we make sure we certainly do not have to little drive, and then we start to loos the controle.

It do not show in your obedience training in the beginning, because everything is going good, and you have a good play drive on the ball, which means you have a reward that the dog wants to work for. No it startes in the protection training…. Almost everybody wants to have a powerfull “hold & barking” in the blind, and why not.. it looks super cool and it`s what the judges want to see, for you to make the points! if you are lucky to have a helper that can create a powerfull behavior on your dog in the blind, then just be happy=) but what you have to think about is that the helper is not the one how has to controle this “BEAST” that he made, it is you… The helper is not the one to deal with the conflict from the angry drug addict, when you have to call this “fucker” out of the blind!! It is only you and you alone..Okay now I got you thinking….Maby..=)

Now lets get back to the main talk =)

In the begenning we talk about that obedience is protection & protection is obedience…? Why do I say this..? Well I say this because if you want to have at powerfull obedience program to show, when you go to trail ore competition, then you need to use your BEST reward you have in obedience to show the dog that it is worth working for… But what is the best reward you have? a ball, a ball with a leash in ore what…. NOOOO!! It`s your protection drive, that is the highest cocain you have, for your dog, then why reward with at lower drive, then what you actually have??? I you want ho have a powerfull behavior from your dog in obedience, just like you have in protection, then start to think in “DIRECT REWARD & INDIRECT REWARD” And no, I am not saying that you have to use a helper when you do obedience!!

“It is not the reward that gives the powerfull behavior, it’s the EXPECTATION for the reward that gives the powerfull expression from your dog (dopamin)

I you want to learn how to get your protection drive in your obedience routine & and your strong obedience in your protection routine, then sign up for a seminar with Innovating power academy.


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35 seminars in 1 year

Hey you guys!

I have held a total of 35 seminars this year😱 and helped many many people to a much cooler understanding of the dog sports, and especially the art of creating a fast top motivated dog that creates drive through the program and not demotivates through the program. 


I am not a world champion, I have not won all competitions that I have participated in. I have over the years (25 years) experienced many ups and downs, I have been quarantined from the clubs, the judges do not like me because I do not look up to them like many other participants, I dare say my opinion even though it does not always fit well in everyone’s taste …

but but … I’m still in the game and I always will be, because I am driven by my “Why” Why do I spend all my time caring for other people’s dogs, why helping others with their problems, and when the time comes and the success comes…. and then being stabbed in the back again and again, because dog sports have an ugly face … why continue ..

Why continue to teach dog people everything I do throughout my relatively long dog life and with tons of experience from all the good, but certainly also the bad years of dog training … because I have my “why”! …. why travel around the most of the country/world with all my innovating and technical smart points of view for dog training, and always helping people to success , when I get judged on this when I go myself…..why continue! .. BECAUSE I have my “why” …

My “WHY”

I continue in this sport because I love it, I get dragged by it, becourse it gives me the feeling of Power when I walk on the field with something I know is cool to watch, the rush and danger that runs through my body because I know that all those who talk badly about what I do is MEGA envy… and it’s not a problem for me because I know it, I know it because most of you have been to one of my seminars. =)
The RUSH and feeling it gives me when I’ve spent countless hours and days away from MY family, just so YOUR competition will go well, and experience the joy it gives you and your family, because of what I’ve helped you with, it is you who get the sucess and the cup. But I get the feeling of infinite power to continue, because if I can make you experience the sucess, then I can also make someone else experience the same sucsses .. again and again and again .. just as I have been doing for many many years now.
The feeling I get in my body every time I help a beginner or vice-world champion with a problem they can’t solve, the experience and compassion these people show to me, just because the problem is solved or explained why it came, is 101% priceless..

I continue because I have the Drive – Passion – Hope & Ignition

What is your “why”…?

Boston Massachusetts

The first few days of my trip over here have gone and today it`s rest day =) before my 3 day seminar starts.
Listen to what Mike from North Boston Dog training has to say about the first few days of training. https://youtu.be/gMHV6f5zyqw

Never Exercise Only Behavior

From Luring to perfect behavior = Perfekt exercise

in only 4 days of training “NpFP”

I have traveled across the Atlantic to try to influence the dog people in the US and it seems to work. My NpFP System, vision and approach to dog sports is very different from what they are used to, where everyone who usually comes and holds seminars always comes and teaches how to get a dog to do a quick exercise without thinking about how the dog generally appears . My approach to the IGP program is out of the question with a skeptical view of the IGP program, where many other large dog handlers all around the world always focus on perfect exercises and not perfect behavior.
There are not many different ways to teach a dog a quick exercise, but learning a dog that he must be top motivated both before and after the exercise is difficult, strong expressions require strong philosophies and simple practice so that everyone can achieve this, the only thing is that you need to learn how …
But that’s what I do..I teach people how to get a strong expression from your dog side by using the dog’s own Free will, with a dispute of many years of experience in good and evil, which has led to the system “NpFP Negative -positive-fustration-positive
NpFP is a tactical interconnection of classical and operand learning adapted to the IGP program.

“What an amazing Innovating Power Academy Seminar!! Dennis Houen is lightyears ahead in his concepts and applications of drive manipulation, creating power, and free will in obedience and protection. His system allows you to do so much with your own dog. That not only does not cause conflict, but creates clarity and intensity!! I and all the people who were fortunate enough to attend his seminar this weekend are totally blown away!!!

Mike Harrington North Boston Dog training

“Perfect for trainers with very limited access to club helpers. training that traditionally can only be done at the club or with the help from others now you can do it by yourself in your own backyard”.

Ed Choi

 “Wow! a weekend of constant learning and understanding. Dennis is very clear in his explanations and is also very patient. The focus on” behavior not the exercise” was a great help – i learned so much on how to develop the behavior and the drive. Dennis’ approach makes complete sense and we saw over the two day intensive that it got results with all our dogs and the handlers. No matter the level of the handler or the dog, his approach worked”.

Jocelyn Moroney

My 3 day seminar is now over, the orders for several seminars in the United States is rolling in as rings in the water. It makes me of course happy because you do not have to have trained a dog for many years to get the same expression and power as an experienced dog handler, the difference is perhaps that on my seminars comparet to others is that I do not keep the secret back, and that is also what people see and listen on my seminars, I teach people everything from start to finish, focuses exactly as much on the beginner as on the experienced dog trainer, all must have the opportunity to be independent of others unless other options are present. I just choose however always independence.

see ya


Boston B/C Seminar July 2019